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Available housing options in Erskine include private homes for sale.  For more information on housing, contact City Hall at 687-4646 or e-mail at cityerskine@gvtel.com.   Apartment addresses and contact numbers are listed in the matrix below.  A mobile home park also has spots available.  Check the Erskine Echo 218-687-3775, our local newspaper, for rental and for sale listings. 

Summerfield Place Apartments
Erskine, MN

Erskine Community Housing
(55 yrs & older)
Erskine, MN

Pedels Apartments

12 Unit Apartment Complex

Erskine, MN


Pavel Zarkoff Apartments

Erskine MN


Derheim Mobile Home Court

Vance Ave North

Contact: 763-232-9744

Lakeside RV

400 Park St

Contact:  218-687-4678

There is more information available from the City Clerk at cityerskine@gvtel.com or 218-687-4646.


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